Why Do We Choose Silk Nightdresses?

Why Do We Choose Silk Nightdresses?


We all know that there are many kinds of materials of nightdress, and the material of nightdress not only determines the overall beauty and texture but also affects the comfort of wearing. So what are the advantages of silk nightdress? Why should we go for a silk nightdress?

Why Do We Choose Silk Nightdresses?
We choose silk nightdresses mainly for the sake of beauty and comfort. Most silk sleep skirts are relatively expensive, which also comes from the excellent quality of silk.

The material brings luster feeling

The luster of real silk is soft and even, bright but not harsh. Although the luster of polyester filament is uniform, it has shimmering or bright filament. Artificial silk has a bright gloss, but not a soft one. The luster of nylon silk is poor as if coated with a layer of wax. After comparison, we can also know that real silk is shinier, and most of the Sexy Nightwears material is also real silk, which we can observe with the naked eye, so some cheap sexy nightwears often do not use silk to make.

Nourish the skin

Silk protein fiber is rich in the amino group, amine group, and other hydrophilic factors, with strong moisture absorption and release, can regulate skin moisture, keep skin clean. Silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acid components similar to human skin, which can increase the vitality of epithelial cells, prevent the hardening of blood vessels and nourish the skin. Because female nightwears are close-fitting clothing, contact with skin is frequent.

Antibacterial and Anaphylaxis

Real silk fiber has very good hygroscopic sex and put wet sex, it can make the skin perspire quickly, absorb the carbon dioxide of metabolism. The sericin of silk has the ability to prevent mites and mildew from breeding and has the effect of antibacterial, skin-friendly, and allergy prevention.

Delay skin aging

The lysine and leucine contained in the silk can accelerate the metabolism of the skin surface lipid membrane and enhance skin elasticity. Threonine and serine can improve blood circulation, prevent dry skin from wrinkling, and delay skin aging.

So the labor cost of silk clothing is higher because the silk is smooth, so cutting, lathe more difficult. The scrap rate is higher. Besides, for pure silk knitting, the price varies greatly. But a lot of silk clothes are made of pressed silk of secondary material. First of all, they cannot be made into light color, because the pressed silk itself is relatively yellow and has no luster.

There are general lycra or elastic fiber is more expensive, one is the production cost is high, the second is in printing and dyeing, mixed with other components of printing and dyeing technology requirements are also high. However, it should be noted that if the silk content is less than 60%, the silk clothes are not as comfortable as the silk clothes. If the silk content is more than 40% polyester, the value is not high.

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