How to Maintain Silk Pajamas?

How to Maintain Silk Pajamas?


The material of silk pajamas is more comfortable and breathable. If we don't maintain silk pajamas properly, it will shorten their lifespan. So let's talk about how to maintain silk pajamas.

How to Maintain Silk Pajamas?
Silk pajamas are very popular among female nightwears because women's silk nightwears are characterized by a strong sense of comfort. It has natural moisture absorption and moisture release, which is unmatched by other artificial fibers. In addition, silk pajamas also have unique health care functions and have good auxiliary treatment functions for certain skin diseases. Therefore, the material of silk pajamas is very precious. If we don’t maintain silk pajamas properly, it will shorten their lifespan. So the following is the specific maintenance method for silk pajamas.

Cleaning and maintenance

When there are more than two colors on the pajamas, first soak a light-colored towel and press on the pajamas for a few seconds, and wipe it gently. If the silk underwear is dyed on the towel, it cannot be washed, but dry cleaned (wash Silk chiffon and satin clothes can only be dry cleaned).

Silk nightdresses are woven from protein-based delicate healthcare fibers, so they should not be rubbed or washed in a washing machine. The clothes should be immersed in cold water (if using warm water, it should not be higher than 30 degrees), 5-10 minutes, rub lightly with special silk detergent or low-foaming washing powder or neutral soap (shampoo can also be used). 

Rinse repeatedly in clean water. After washing, put the reverse side of the clothes in a cool place and let it dry with dripping water, and then iron or shake it flat when it is 70 to 80% dry.

Ironing maintenance

The anti-wrinkle performance of silk nightdresses is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, and mulberry silk is a natural protein. Therefore, when ironing, dry the clothes until 70% dry and spray water evenly. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes before ironing. The ironing temperature should be controlled at Below 150°C.

If you don't iron it completely, just put it in a plastic bag and smooth it with your hands when the pajamas are 70% dry. It can also be dried, folded flat, put in a plastic bag, sealed, and put it in a freezer for 12 hours of strong freezing to achieve a non-ironing effect.

Collection and maintenance

Because silk pajamas have good air permeability, if the clothes are not very dirty, they can not be washed. Just hang the worn clothes in a ventilated place and wait for the sweat to evaporate before wearing them. If it is dirty or worn out, wash it first, iron it dry, and store it in order to prevent mildew and moth. After ironing, it can also play a role in sterilization and pest control.

At the same time, the boxes and cabinets for storing clothes should be kept clean and sealed as far as possible to prevent dust pollution. Finally, when buying silk pajamas, you should choose clothes that are 2-4 cm larger than your usual clothes, so that it is not only comfortable but also does not damage the protein fibers of the mulberry silk.

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