Precautions for Cleaning Silk Pajamas

Precautions for Cleaning Silk Pajamas


Silk pajamas are gorgeous in appearance, soft and skin-friendly, and are the most popular style among female nightwear. We need to pay attention to many problems when cleaning silk pajamas, otherwise, it will cause loss of silk pajamas. This article will specifically introduce the cleaning precautions of silk pajamas sets.

Precautions for Cleaning Silk Pajamas
the cleaning precautions of silk pajamas sets

Silk nightwears are characterized by strong comfort, good moisture absorption, and air permeability. It is a high-end choice among female nightwear. We should pay attention to some problems when cleaning silk pajamas to avoid the loss of silk pajamas, thereby shortening their service life. The following are the precautions for cleaning silk pajamas.

(1) Dark-colored clothing or silk fabrics should be washed separately from light-colored ones.

(2) Sweaty silk pajamas sets should be washed immediately or soaked in clean water, and should not be washed with hot water above 30 degrees. Because most of the colors of silk fabrics are dyed with acid dyes, the too high water temperature will cause serious fading.

(3) When washing women's silk nightwears, use acid detergent or light alkaline detergent, preferably a special detergent for silk. Silk clothing is poor in alkali resistance, so weak alkaline detergent, neutral detergent, and the soap should be used for washing. Coffee, dark gray, black, and other dark clothes cannot be directly scrubbed with soap, otherwise, stains or stains will appear. Silk pajamas should not be soaked in the washing liquid for a long time. Generally, the soaking time should be 5-10 minutes, and the longest should not exceed 20 minutes to prevent fading.

(4) When washing, you should rub it gently with your hands, and don't use too much force. The key parts can be spread on the washboard and gently brushed with a soft brown brush, and brush lightly along the lines, not horizontally or inversely. After washing a few times, pass the acetic acid-water again to increase the vividness of the color and eliminate the residual washing liquid. After rinsing, do not wring out forcefully, but hang it to dry directly. Avoid exposure to the sun, it is best not to use a washing machine to wash and spin dry.

(5) Ironing should be done when it is 80% dry, and it is not advisable to spray water directly, and iron the reverse side of the garment, and control the temperature between 100-180 degrees.

(6) When storing, it should be washed, dried, stacked, and wrapped in cloth, placed in a cabinet, and should not be placed in camphor or sanitary balls.
Proper cleaning and maintenance of silk pajamas can reduce the wear and tear on silk pajamas and extend their service life. If you still have some doubts after reading the above content, you can contact us and we will provide you with professional consultation and good solutions.

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