4 Precautions in the Use of Women's Pajamas

4 Precautions in the Use of Women's Pajamas


Pajamas are very comfortable home apparel, but some things need to be paid attention to during use. This article will specifically introduce four precautions in the use of women's pajamas.

4 Precautions in the Use of Women's Pajamas
four points that need to be paid attention to during the use of women's pajamas

Pajamas are in direct contact with our body and are very close-fitting clothing, so we must pay special attention to their cleanliness during use, otherwise, it will cause harm to our health. The following are four points that need to be paid attention to during the use of women's pajamas.

1. Regular cleaning

Generally speaking, there is less sweat and oil secretion in winter, and the skin is in a relatively clean environment, so pajamas can be washed once a week.

In summer, there is a lot of sweat and various microbial activities are frequent. It is recommended to wash once every 1 to 2 days.

This need not be generalized. If you sweat more, wash it once a day. In summer, it is best to prepare more than 2 sets of pajamas.

If women’s pajamas are not cleaned in time, it’s easy to prone to skin diseases and gynecological diseases. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the regular cleaning of pajamas.

2. Try to use warm water to clean

Generally speaking, no matter what kind of material, pajamas should not be washed with hot water, otherwise the material will be damaged and its breathability and sweat absorption will be lost.

It is recommended that pajamas should be washed by hand in warm water and cleaned with a neutral detergent for underwear.

Be careful not to pour the detergent directly on the pajamas. Pour an appropriate amount, let it completely dissolve in water, and then put it in the pajamas and gently rub and wash. After washing, place it to dry in a cool place to avoid exposure to the sun.

3. Choose the right one

A good pajama should have several properties: close-fitting, breathable, strong sweat absorption, easy to wear, easy to take off, and easy to wash.

On the whole, it is better to choose silk and cotton as the material. Chemical fiber fabrics are not recommended, followed by hemp pajamas. The former can cause skin allergies, while the latter may affect sleep.

The style is suitable for split style, one is more convenient to move, and the other is more occlusion, even if guests come to the house, there is no need to panic into the bedroom to change clothes.

The recommended color is light pink or light blue, which can calm your eyes and promote sleep.

4. Don't have too many activities

We can't do all kinds of things in pajamas. In particular, don’t wear pajamas for activities that involve a lot of sweating, and where there are many bacteria and strong smells. Otherwise, it is easy for the bacteria carried in pajamas to enter the human body when sleeping, causing harm to our health.

We need regular and maintenance of pajamas, which can not only make our experience the best but also extend its service life. If you want to know specific information about pajamas, you can contact us for detailed solutions.

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