7 Precautions for maintaining pajamas

7 Precautions for maintaining pajamas


Wearing pajamas at home is not only a fashion, but also a wise approach for health reasons. How to maintain pajamas, to promote a longer life cycle of pajamas, this article will explain in detail how to maintain them.

7 Precautions for maintaining pajamas
Choose pajamas from a seasonal perspective: In summer, you should choose light, thin, soft, and breathable fabrics that have good drapes and have functions such as heat absorption and sweat absorption. Spring and autumn require good thermal performance, relaxation, and comfort. The fabric patterns should be light and regular small floral or striped patterns, and in winter, you can choose a bit denser colors and patterns. But how should we maintain our pajamas? The following are the major items for maintaining pajamas.

1. Do not use bleach when cleaning pajamas, because chlorine bleach will damage the fabric of the clothes and even turn the pajamas yellow.

2. Pajamas are best to be washed by hand with cold water or warm water slightly lower than body temperature (below 40℃). Hot water washing can easily damage the material, thereby losing its characteristics such as strong air permeability and strong sweat absorption ability, or the size becomes smaller.

3. When washing silk pajamas, the clothes must be turned upside down. Dark silk pajamas should be washed separately from light-colored ones.

4. When curing, silk pajamas should be ironed when they are 80% dry, and it is not advisable to spray water directly, and iron the reverse side of the garment, and control the temperature between 100-180 degrees.

5. Soak the yellowed silk clothes in clean rice-washing water, change the water once a day and the yellow color will fade after three days. If you have yellow sweat stains, you can wash them off with wax gourd juice.

6. As the pajamas are likely to deteriorate and turn yellow due to sunlight, which affects their service life, the pajamas should be dried in a cool place after washing.

7. When there are more than two colors on the clothes, it is best to do a fade test, because the color fastness of silk clothes is relatively low, the easiest way is to use a light-colored towel soaked in the clothes for a few seconds and lighten Rub it lightly. If the silk underwear is dyed on the towel, you can't wash it, but dry it.

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