Styles and Characteristics of Silk Pajamas

Styles and Characteristics of Silk Pajamas


Because of their gorgeous appearance and silky touch, silk pajamas are widely loved by everyone. This article will help you understand its advantages in detail from the styles and characteristics of silk pajamas.

Styles and Characteristics of Silk Pajamas
 the styles and characteristics of silk pajamas

Many materials scientists are very concerned about silk fabrics, and many experimental data show that silk pajamas are good for sleep and also good for human skin. Then the following introduction that the styles and characteristics of silk pajamas can help us further understand its specific advantages.


1. Two-piece silk pajamas

The two-piece silk pajamas can be worn alone with the inner strap or with the outer robe, which is elegant and quiet. Underwear made of real silk not only has a good wearing effect but also has a unique effect on skin tone and disease prevention.

2. Sling-style silk nightdress

Sling nightdresses are mostly used in summer. Due to the dry and sweaty weather in the hot summer, and considering the beauty, suspender nightdresses appeared.

3. Split silk pajamas

The biggest advantage of split pajamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move. Its style is mainly reflected in the change of the upper collar type. The small suit collar top is the most common type of collar. The loose design fully reflects the practical value.

4. One-piece pajamas (robes)

In the pajamas family, this one-piece nightgown appeared earlier. Not only have people's clothing been divided into work and home from now on, but it also implies people's taste and pursuit of life. The style of the nightgown has not changed much, a belt hugs the nightgown and the skin.

1. Strong sense of comfort

Silk pajamas are characterized by a strong sense of comfort, good moisture absorption and moisture absorption, sound absorption, and dust absorption. Silk is composed of protein fibers, soft and smooth in texture, and delicate to the touch. Compared with other fiber fabrics, the coefficient of friction with human skin is only 7.4%. Therefore, when human skin touches silk products, it tends to have a soft and delicate feeling.

2. Good moisture absorption and desorption

Silk pajamas have natural moisture absorption and release properties, which are unmatched by other artificial fibers. Because of its porosity, silk can absorb air gaps. Silk can absorb or emit moisture in the air so that it can absorb moisture in a humid environment and release moisture in a dry environment. 

Therefore, in addition to its self-adjusting ability, it can also help people's skin or other silk products to retain a certain amount of moisture. If you wear silk clothing in summer, sweat and heat can be quickly dissipated. The breathability is very strong, making people feel extremely cool.

3. Health benefits

Silk has a unique health care function. The silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, which is almost the same as the amino acids contained in human skin, so it is also called the "second skin" of human beings. 

At the same time, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet rays, prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance the vitality of skin cells on the body, promote skin cell metabolism, and have a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. This natural function that cannot be achieved by rayon also establishes the precious value of real silk products.

4. Safe and flame retardant

In addition, because the silk fiber has low thermal degeneration and is relatively heat-resistant, its burning temperature is between 300 and 400 ℃, which is a flame-retardant fiber and has a high flame-retardant effect.

Based on these unique effects and advantages, silk pajamas are attracting more and more consumers. If you want to know more about silk pajamas after reading the above, you can get a more comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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