How to Improve Sleep by Choosing the Right Pajamas?

How to Improve Sleep by Choosing the Right Pajamas?


If we can choose the right pajamas in the right way, it will make the quality of sleep better. Let’s learn about the precautions for choosing pajamas together.

How to Improve Sleep by Choosing the Right Pajamas?
some considerations for choosing pajamas
Pajamas are indispensable clothing for women when they sleep and rest. If the material of the pajamas is not comfortable enough and the design is not reasonable enough, it will lead to poor night sleep quality and affect health. The followings are some considerations for choosing pajamas.

(1) Home wear can’t replace pajamas

First of all, home wear and pajamas should not be confused. Women may do a lot of things when wearing home clothes, which will cause a lot of dust and even oily smoke on the home clothes. Going to bed with the smell of dust and oily smoke will only stain the bedding and affect the quality of sleep.

Secondly, the home clothes in the autumn and winter seasons will be relatively thick. Such heavy clothes will be uncomfortable to sleep, especially not conducive to the rest of the cervical spine. Pajamas are usually thinner and will not affect the thickness of the back, allowing women to sleep better.

In addition, the material of home clothes is usually rougher cotton or velvet. The friction between such material and the quilt will be very large. It will be very uncomfortable to turn over when you fall asleep. The material of pajamas is usually smoother and does not have such large friction. After waking up, it will make us feel more relaxed.

(2) Pajamas should not have a sense of restraint or be too loose.

The less restrained the body feels during sleep, the more relaxed it is. Too tight clothes will affect blood circulation and cause discomfort. Too loose pajamas will roll up when they turn over or move during sleep, which makes people very uncomfortable. When we choose pajamas, we should choose loose and moderate, not too tight or too loose. At the same time, try not to choose pajamas with a hat, as the cap on the neck will put pressure on the cervical spine.

(3) Silk is the best material in pajamas

The material of pajamas should be skin-friendly and able to absorb sweat and dispel dampness. Among all the materials, the best is silk. Silk is rich in collagen, which is very skin-friendly, and the air permeability of silk is also very good, which is conducive to sweating and moisture absorption at night.

Silk also has the function of air conditioning, which can make people feel warm in winter and cool in summer. At the same time, the silk is also very light, soft, and smooth, and there is almost no friction between it and the quilt, and the human body does not need to bear additional burdens during sleep.

(4) Choose long trousers and long sleeves as far as possible for pajamas.

Many people like to fall asleep in shorts and short-sleeved pajamas in summer, but this often brings some problems. Because the body temperature of the human body will drop after falling asleep, the more suitable temperature before going to bed will appear a bit cold after falling asleep. When people are asleep, if they are too cold, they will have problems such as hand and foot twitching, which will affect the quality of sleep and even catch a cold.

(5) No need to wear underwear in pajamas

Many women choose to wear underwear or even shapewear when they sleep because they are worried that their breasts are not supported during sleep. Underwear and sculpting clothes will greatly restrain the body, make the blood circulation of the whole body worse, and affect the blood supply and return of the limbs.

Once the hands and feet are cold, the lowering of deep body temperature will slow down, and people cannot fall asleep quickly, which affects sleep. Underwear is also a problem that people tend to struggle with. If you want to sleep peacefully, it is best not to wear underwear. But if you have chills, edema, menstrual periods, etc., it is better to wear underwear as much as possible.

Although pajamas are not as easily contaminated with oil and dust as home clothes, they also need to be cleaned frequently to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. If you want to know more about pajamas after reading the above, please contact us for professional solutions.

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