How to Deal with the Dyeing of Women Pajamas?

How to Deal with the Dyeing of Women Pajamas?


If women's pajamas are accidentally dyed when they are worn at home, they will be difficult to remove. This article will specifically introduce the methods and precautions for cleaning dyed pajamas.

How to Deal with the Dyeing of Women Pajamas?
 the methods and precautions for cleaning dyed pajamas
Some women will wear pajamas directly as home clothes, and then do some housework, causing the pajamas to be easily stained with oil and even dyed. Only through the following cleaning methods and precautions, the pajamas can be restored to their original condition.

Cleaning method

1. Cleaning method with soap, alkali, and water mixture

Put the dyed pajamas in a basin, soak them with clean water first, and remove them. Then put the pajamas in the freshly boiled soapy water and alkaline water mixture and soak for ten minutes. In the end, just rub it lightly with water, and the stained color will be rubbed off. In this way, the pajamas will return to their original colors.

2. 84 disinfectant cleaning

84 disinfectant has decolorization, so it can be used to treat dyed pajamas, but because of this feature, this method is only suitable for dyed white pajamas or very light-colored pajamas. The specific operation method is: put the dyed pajamas into the basin, pour some freshly boiled water and some 84 disinfectants (the amount of disinfectant should be determined according to the area and depth of the pajamas dyed), and after soaking for 15 minutes, use your hands to rub on the stained area of the pajamas gently.

3. Hydrogen peroxide solution cleaning

Put the pajamas in a basin with cold water, and then add hydrogen peroxide to the basin until the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water is close to 1:10. Soak for about 5 minutes. Rub the dyed pajamas with your hands. Note that do not use hydrogen peroxide to directly rub the dyed parts of pajamas. When adding hydrogen peroxide to the water, try to avoid dripping directly on the pajamas.


Prevent deformation of cotton pajamas

The best water temperature during cleaning is 30-35 degrees. Soaking for ten minutes is enough. It is not suitable to soak for a long time. Pure cotton fabric is alkali-resistant but not acid-resistant, so you can use ordinary washing powder, soap, or liquid detergent. If you use a washing machine to wash, it is recommended to put it in a laundry bag, so as to deform and wrinkle.

Wash silk pajamas gently

Silk pajamas are relatively delicate. During the washing process, you can't scrub hard. Soak the pajamas in clean water for ten minutes, then gently scrub them with a neutral detergent or soap, and then rinse them off with clean water. 

High-end silk pajamas are best to be washed in the professional laundry. In the process of drying silk pajamas, it is recommended that the reverse side be facing outwards to avoid exposure to the sun to avoid color fading.

Prevent coral fleece and polar fleece pajamas from fading

In the washing process, try not to use irritating detergent. You can use the washing machine to wash weakly. Add softener during the washing process, so that the clothes will be soft after drying. It is important to note that dark pajamas should be washed with cold water for the first time, otherwise the color will fade seriously, and coral fleece pajamas are not suitable for dry cleaning.

Whether it is cleaning stains on pajamas or dealing with dyeing problems, we must consider the fabric type of pajamas to prevent damage to the fabric structure and shorten their service life. If you want to know more information and solutions about women's pajamas after reading the above, please contact us.

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