How to Remove Milk Stains on Pajamas?

How to Remove Milk Stains on Pajamas?


Many women may easily get milk stains when wearing pajamas at home. This article will share with you the methods and steps to effectively remove milk stains.

How to Remove Milk Stains on Pajamas?
the methods and steps to effectively remove milk stains

Many women often wear pajamas to feed their babies when they are at home. At this time, the pajamas will inevitably be stained with stains that are not easy to remove. Many people think that milk stains on pajamas cannot be cleaned. In fact, you just didn't find the right way. The following is the correct method and steps to clean milk stains.

Cleaning methods

1. It should be taken off immediately and rinsed with cold water. Generally, this effect is good, but the more times the milk stains accumulate, the effect will decrease.

2. Grind carrots or white radishes, mix with salt, apply to the milk stains, knead repeatedly with hands, and rinse with water, because the protein in blood and milk meets the amylase in the radish and will be decomposed.

3. Use ginger to scrub the milk stains, the effect is also very good.

4. Use baking soda powder to make a paste with a higher concentration, apply directly to the milk stains, let it stand for one night, and wash it the next day, the milk stains will disappear or be greatly improved.

Note: Under normal circumstances, cleaning stains with hot water will have a good effect, but cleaning milk stains is just the opposite. Milk stains contain protein. When exposed to hot water, the protein will bind firmly to the fiber, making it difficult to decontaminate.

Cleaning steps

1. When the clothes are dry, aim at the milk stains and gently press the pump head, squeeze an appropriate amount of laundry detergent to smear the milk stains (smear evenly and completely cover the milk stains, you can use your fingers to make a circular motion from the outside to the inside).

2. After the application is finished, don't worry, let it stand for 5 minutes.

3. After5 minutes, wash it as usual and rub gently to clean it.

4. After rubbing clean, the rinsing is also very easy, and it can be rinsed clean only once.

Precautions for cleaning pajamas

(1) Once a week: Wash pajamas regularly, which helps keep the skin in a relatively clean and hygienic environment, and prevents bacteria from entering the room.

(2) Wash once 1-2 days in summer: Wash pajamas regularly, which will help keep the skin in a relatively clean and hygienic environment to prevent bacteria from entering when it is empty

(3) Some disinfectants should be added when there are many people: people living in dormitories, or families with many members, it is recommended to use disinfection and cleaning products when cleaning. It is also to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

(4) As the name suggests, pajamas are clothes that you wear when you sleep, but in fact, people are always used to wearing pajamas as home clothes. 

As everyone knows, this habit will make your pajamas stained with bacteria, dust and oil fume. Pajamas are made for people who need to relax and be comfortable when they sleep. Generally, they are made of cotton that does not irritate the skin. The style is loose and bulky, and it is easy to drag to the ground to absorb dust.

Therefore, do not wear pajamas when doing housework. As pajamas are worn close to the body, they should be dried in the sun after washing to fully sterilize them.

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