Should We Choose Flannel Pajamas or Coral Fleece Pajamas?

Should We Choose Flannel Pajamas or Coral Fleece Pajamas?


Both flannel and coral fleece pajamas are very popular in winter, but many people don't know how to choose. Today, let’s discuss together whether we should choose flannel pajamas or coral fleece pajamas.

Should We Choose Flannel Pajamas or Coral Fleece Pajamas?
 whether we should choose flannel pajamas or coral fleece pajamas

Both flannel and coral fleece are fabrics with good warmth retention properties, but the focus of their products is different. Flannel and coral fleece fabrics cannot be intuitively explained which is good or bad, each has its own characteristics. But if these two fabrics are made into pajamas, there are still certain differences in the following aspects.

1. Warmth retention

From the perspective of warmth retention, because the flannel is a woolen fabric with a patterned pattern woven from mixed-color carded wool yarn, and the raw material is wool, the warmth retention is better than coral fleece. Coral fleece belongs to polyester fiber, and its warmth retention is slightly inferior.

2. Feel

From the perspective of hand feel, the hair of flannel is thicker and tighter, and the hair of coral fleece is relatively sparse. Therefore, the hand feel of flannel is more comfortable and it is very soft and flat. Although coral fleece is soft to the touch, it is not as dense as flannel, and it is not as soft and thick to the touch.

3. Weight

The polyester fibers used in the raw materials of flannel and coral fleece are very different. From the finished products, it can be found that the fabric of the flannel is stronger and the density of the fleece is very tight. The fleece of coral fleece is sparser, because of the raw material, the weight of flannel is also higher.

4. Prices

From the price point of view, because the manufacturing process of flannel pajamas is more complicated, the price is also higher than that of coral fleece pajamas.

From the above aspects, the fabric texture of flannel pajamas will be better than coral fleece. Because the weight of flannel pajamas is high, the plush is relatively fine and dense, the fabric is thick, and the cost is high, but its warmth retention is very good. However, as a new type of fabric, coral fleece has a fine texture, a soft touch to the touch, and does not cause skin irritation or allergies. Therefore, it will also be widely made into personal clothing and various beddings.

However, some users report that flannel pajamas can generate static electricity. In fact, it is normal for flannel products to generate static electricity. Because flannel is a polyester component, it generates static electricity during friction. In particular, friction with human hair is more likely to cause static electricity.

Therefore, when choosing pajamas, we should choose flannel or coral fleece materials according to our own needs. If you want to buy the corresponding product, you can search for the corresponding product on our website, and send us your needs, we will provide you with the corresponding solution.

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