What Should We Pay Attention to when Cleaning Cotton Pajamas?

What Should We Pay Attention to when Cleaning Cotton Pajamas?


If the cotton pajamas are improperly cleaned, it will damage the fabric structure and affect the service life. Today, let’s talk about what we should pay attention to when cleaning cotton pajamas.

What Should We Pay Attention to when Cleaning Cotton Pajamas?
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Cotton pajamas are also a popular type of pajamas today. They are soft to the touch and very warm. We should pay attention to the following matters when cleaning cotton pajamas daily to prevent deformation and damage of cotton pajamas.

(1) Cellulose, the main component of cotton fiber, is very sensitive to the action of acid. Strong inorganic acids, such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, have a strong effect on cotton fiber and may even completely hydrolyze the fiber into glucose. Therefore, cotton pajamas are afraid of acid.

If acidic substances such as vinegar or fruit juice contaminate cotton fabrics, it is best to wash them with water immediately, so as to avoid chemical reactions over time, the stains will be difficult to remove, and the places that have been eroded by the acid are more likely to be damaged.

(2)The effect of concentrated alkali on cotton fiber is also severe, but the erosion effect of alkali is carried out by gradual degradation. Weak alkali does not damage cotton fabrics, so we can usually wash cotton pajamas with a weak alkaline detergent.

If the cotton pajamas are washed directly with detergent, the sweat will be washed into the fiber, and the clothes will become yellow. It is best to soak in light saltwater and then wash with detergent, the effect will be better.

(3) Some oxidants can cause serious degradation of cotton fiber, so special attention must be paid when using oxidizing bleaching agents. Nowadays, the commonly used 84 disinfectant has a strong corrosive and decolorizing effect on cotton pajamas. When using it, please note that it can only be used on white cotton fabrics and can only be used after being diluted.

(4) Cotton pajamas are not very afraid of sunlight, but excessive exposure will cause the oxidation of cotton fabrics. The dyes of some cotton pajamas are particularly sensitive to sunlight and are easily faded under long-term strong sunlight, so be careful when drying them, and you can turn them over to dry them. The white cotton fabric should not be exposed too much, otherwise, it will become yellow and brittle.

(5) Cotton pajamas are resistant to moths and mold and are most afraid of moisture. Therefore, used cotton pajamas must be washed and dried, and stored in a dry and ventilated place.

(6) Although cotton pajamas are comfortable to wear and use, they are also prone to wrinkles, so most of them need to be ironed after washing. Now there is a kind of anti-wrinkle and non-iron cotton pajamas on the market, which can be worn after washing with light ironing or without ironing. Although the anti-wrinkle effect of this kind of clothing has been improved, most of the added chemical substances use additives containing formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen identified by the World Health Organization. Formaldehyde is continuously released during wearing, which can irritate the human body, easily cause respiratory and skin damage, and even more serious diseases. Therefore, you should carefully purchase anti-wrinkle garments.

Cotton pajamas are more resistant to high temperatures, and the ironing temperature is relatively high about 180 degrees. Cotton clothes are not easy to iron after they are completely dry. It is best to iron them when they are half dry and half wet to achieve a multiplier effect.

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