What Are the Benefits of Choosing Pure Cotton Pajamas?

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Pure Cotton Pajamas?


Because of many factors, pure cotton pajamas have always been the most popular choice. Let’s talk about the benefits of pure cotton pajamas today.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Pure Cotton Pajamas?
the advantages of these cotton pajamas

Whether it is from the comfort of wearing pajamas or the economy of use, pure cotton pajamas are undoubtedly the best choice. By understanding the advantages of these cotton pajamas, we can better understand the characteristics of cotton pajamas.


Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. Under normal conditions, the fiber can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. Therefore, it touches human skin and makes people feel soft and not stiff. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the water contained in the fiber will evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric can maintain a water balance and make people feel comfortable.

Warmth retention and antistatic properties

Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is extremely low, and because cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and good elasticity, a large amount of air can accumulate between the fibers, and the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Pure cotton fiber textiles have good warmth retention and antistatic properties. The use of pure cotton fabrics makes people feel warm and comfortable.

Heat resistance

Pure cotton fabrics have good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110°C, it will only cause the moisture on the fabric to evaporate without damaging the fiber. Therefore, wearing, using, washing, printing, and dyeing have no effect on the fabric at room temperature, thus improving the purity. Cotton fabrics are washable, wearable, and heat resistant.

Alkali resistance

Cotton fiber has strong resistance to alkali. In the alkali solution, the cotton fiber will not be damaged. This performance is conducive to the washing of pollution after use, disinfection, and impurity removal, and it is also conducive to the dyeing, printing, and printing of pure cotton textiles. Various processes are used to produce more new varieties of cotton weaving.


Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, and a small number of waxy substances, nitrogenous substances, and pectin. After many inspections and practices, pure cotton fabric has no irritation and negative effects on the skin, long-term wear is beneficial and harmless to the human body, and has good hygienic properties.

When buying pure cotton pajamas, it is often unreliable to judge whether pure cotton is based on the cotton content marked on the “tag”. Consumers should also master and be good at using some simple identification methods.

Under normal circumstances, pure cotton pajamas feel soft and comfortable, with average elasticity and no slippery feel. In addition, take a little fiber from the clothes and try to burn them with a lighter. The pure cotton pajamas should have no black smoke, no peculiar smell, and all become off-white gray, and if it is blended, there will be a black smoke, dripping or peculiar smell, non-flammable and other problems.

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