How Should We Choose High-quality Coral Fleece Pajamas?

How Should We Choose High-quality Coral Fleece Pajamas?


HSZ shared with you the skills and considerations of choosing coral fleece pajamas so that everyone can better understand the characteristics of coral fleece pajamas and choose high-quality products.

How Should We Choose High-quality Coral Fleece Pajamas?
the skills and considerations of choosing coral fleece pajamas

Coral fleece fabric is a new type of fabric, made of polyester fiber raw materials. The texture of coral fleece fabric is delicate, soft to the touch, not easy to shed hair, and has no fading. It has no irritation to the skin, beautiful appearance, rich colors, and is mostly used to make nightgowns. In order to ensure the comfort of wearing in the future, we must pay attention to the following skills and considerations when choosing coral fleece pajamas.

Selection skills

(1) Observation

From the front of the coral fleece fabric, the high-quality coral fleece is neat and smooth, with no highs and lows, and no messy hairs. The fluff on the back should also be smooth and not sparse and messy. Inferior coral fleece often has problems such as weft skew, stains, etc. Consumers only need to look at the coral fleece fabric carefully in the sun to find the advantages and disadvantages.

(2) Touch

Generally speaking, the slippery is 288F coral fleece, and the rough one is 144F coral fleece. The two styles have their own characteristics. It is hard to say which one is better. But in terms of cost, 288F coral fleece is slightly more expensive.

(3) Smell

We can smell with our noses when we are close to the fabric. High-quality coral fleece should be colorless and odorless. If the fabric has a strong chemical smell (such as kerosene), this is obviously an abnormal phenomenon.

(4) View certification

Consumers can check the manufacturer's qualifications and certifications, especially some authoritative certifications, such as the EU's oekotex100 (confidence textile) certification. According to simple statistics, inferior textiles (including inferior coral fleece) may contain hundreds of toxic and harmful chemicals.


(1) Grammage 

The grammage is a measure of the thickness of the coral velvet pajamas. It is the weight per square meter. The grammage is mainly based on the feel. Because we can't use a gaming machine to cut the fabric and then measure it, so the thick coral velvet pajamas are relatively high in weight.

(2) The quality of coral fluff

The quality of fluff mainly depends on its density. Many coral fluffs have a lot of floating hair, mainly because their hair is sparse and easy to fall, not the coral fluff itself. If the coral fleece is denser, the coral fleece pajamas are more resistant to pressure and keep warm.

(3) Processing

You can look at the corners of the coral fleece, and you can see the details at the corners. This shows the fineness of the processing of this pajama. Observe whether the coral fleece pajamas have thread ends and whether the needles and threads are delicate, these all reflect the degree of processing of this product.

(4) Cost performance 

You can judge the cost based on the above processing level so that you can effectively guess the price and purchase cost-effective products. You can find high-quality coral velvet pajamas at HSZ at competitive prices.

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