3 Things to Consider when Choosing Winter Pajamas

3 Things to Consider when Choosing Winter Pajamas


This article specifically shares the precautions that need to be considered when choosing winter pajamas, hoping to help everyone avoid improper selection of pajamas that affect the sense of sleep.

3 Things to Consider when Choosing Winter Pajamas
 the precautions that need to be considered when choosing winter pajamas

Many people have a higher demand for pajamas in winter than in summer, and how to choose the right winter pajamas is also a very distressing problem for many women. HSZ shared with you the following considerations when choosing winter pajamas, hoping to help everyone.

Pajamas are not home wearing, and winter pajamas should not be too thick

Many women use pajamas as home clothes, and they wear pajamas for cooking and housework. In winter, to keep warm, they think that the thicker the better. In fact, one should not confuse pajamas with home clothes, otherwise, they will easily be contaminated with oily fume, dust, and bacteria. It is conceivable that wearing such pajamas will have much impact on sleep and health.

Pajamas should only be worn during sleep and should not be too thick. Especially in winter, light and thin pajamas or slightly thick pajamas are more suitable for sleep, and pajamas that are too thick will have poor air permeability. This will prevent the skin from breathing normally and reduce the quality of your sleep.

The color of pajamas should be light, and the material is preferably cotton

Light colors such as pink, light green, and beige are more beneficial for sleep; bright red, dark blue and other colors are not conducive to emotional relaxation and affect rest at night, so it is best to choose plain colors for pajamas.

Pajama fabrics are made of cotton, real silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, artificial silk, satin, chiffon, etc. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, are soft and breathable, and are not easy to irritate the skin. They are more comfortable and safe to wear next to the body. Pajamas made of chemical fiber are prone to static electricity in winter and are not suitable for selection.

Split pajamas are more suitable, looser sizes help sleep

Pajama styles can be divided into three types: suspender, split and one-piece nightgown. In winter, it is more suitable to choose split pajamas, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also more convenient to move. In terms of size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight, or just right. It is better to be relatively loose so that there will be no restraint when wearing them.

In addition to paying attention to the above points when choosing pajamas, we have to wash and change our pajamas frequently. After the human body enters sleep, the metabolism continues. Sweat and oil are discharged from the skin and deposited on the pajamas, which will breed bacteria and mites. If you only change your pajamas every few weeks, this dirt will irritate your skin, causing itching, inflammation, and even folliculitis.

If you consider the warmth alone, you should choose loose and heat-preserving gowns. In the choice of fabrics, you can also consider choosing coral fleece fabrics that are very popular in recent years. HSZ designs and manufactures winter pajamas in various styles, and we can also provide comprehensive customization services. If you are interested in our pajamas, please send us your needs, and we will give you a satisfactory answer in time.

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