Take You to Unlock the "New Skills" of Dressing, and Reveal the Fashion Secrets of "Pajama Style"!

Take You to Unlock the "New Skills" of Dressing, and Reveal the Fashion Secrets of "Pajama Style"!


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Take You to Unlock the
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Affected by the new crown epidemic, people have more time to stay at home than ever before, so they need pajamas (or loungewear) more than ever, and even pajama-style styles are also sought after by the fashion industry.

We don't know since when the lazy and casual "pajama style" has become popular. For such comfortable and casual clothing, it has changed the atmosphere of everyone's daily wear. The lazy and casual beauty makes people feel It looks like there is no distance, and the sides raise the "temperature" of fashion!

Today, we will reveal the fashion secrets of wearing "pajama style", unlock the "new skills" of dressing, and make casual styles very advanced.

As we all know, the style of pajamas is based on the loose design of the pajamas and the comfort of the fabric as the source of fashion, presenting a fashionable outfit for going out.

However, choosing a smooth textured satin fabric pajamas, the smooth texture, and the improvement in the brightness of the fabric are the keys to enhancing fashion, showing the texture of clothing, and highlighting personal taste. At the same time, this will also give the wearer an advantage in experience, allowing people to enjoy the texture brought by the supple fabrics and enhance the pleasant wearing experience.

Every girl who loves beauty will have a certain obsession with fresh and sweet colors, and it is no exception when choosing pajamas. The fresh and elegant vanilla green is a symbol of promoting vitality, and it is also a color that represents a sense of sweetness.

Pajama-style clothing, as a wear, when going out, will also show a very unique aspect in style design. Often, under the effect of uniform color, fashion elements are enriched from the details. For example, the modification and addition of feather elements at the trouser legs are very delicate and eye-catching.

The pajama style has a common feature, that is, choosing a loose-fitting pajama suit. The looseness and laziness can greatly enhance the sense of fashion so that the exclusive characteristics of the fabric can be greatly improved. Next, the soft and delicate velvet fabric enhances the texture and temperature, and the fashion atmosphere will be greatly multiplied.

There are a variety of styles in the pajama style. In addition to pajama-style clothing, loose and casual shirt suits also have the fashionable charm of pajamas. The collar design of the lapel and the decorative effect of the cuff position are all to enhance the fashion. sense of charm.

Each style of clothing item can fully interpret the style of pajamas. As long as the clothing version is loose and has the characteristics of laziness, it is enough to show the fashionability of clothing. The loose-fitting suit suits are fashionably designed with pleated elements, and the raised fashion design looks very simple and atmospheric, and can also show a fashionable sense of shape.

In terms of color, choose rust red with a rich tone to give the retro dark color a certain concentration. From the color effect, it can also set off the complexion and achieve a white state. It can be seen that the rust-red pajama-style suit has a strong sense of fashion.

Patterned pajamas are also very fashionable. Compared with solid-color pajamas, pajamas with floral patterns seem to be more attractive, attracting everyone's attention and showing a colorful sense of shape.

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